Ways to Celebrate Memorial Day

Memorial Day is almost here again.

For many Americans, the holiday is a chance to remember our military heroes who sacrificed their lives for our country.

For others, the holiday weekend is the official kick off of summer. Time to gather with family and friends; and depending where you are, enjoy the warmer weather.

Many of us look forward to the backyard barbeques and the extended weekend, but it's important to remember what the holiday is all about: honoring the men and women that gave their lives for our freedom.

Before you start up the grill or gather in the backyard to play a friendly game of bean bags, get everyone involved in these family friendly activities. These activities help to remind us all why we celebrate this holiday the last Monday each May.

mem day


1. Catch up on your American History.  If there was never a better time to do it; now's the time. Before getting in to your holiday activities, teach your children about the significance of Memorial Day and what makes it different than Veterans Day.

2. Take a moment of silence. No matter where you are, take a moment of silence at 3:00PM for The National Moment of Remembrance.

3. Donate flowers for a soldier's grave. Even if you have a busy holiday weekend planned, you can still pay your respects with a donation to Memorial Day Flowers, a national foundation that places flowers on the graves of soldiers.

4. Volunteer. Whether it's a friend that needs a hand or an elderly neighbor, volunteering is a great way to pay it forward and do something selfless; just as our military heroes that sacrificed their lives did.  If you're looking to get involved, visit our Volunteers United page to get registered and find current volunteer opportunities.