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United Way of Steele County


To change lives by mobilizing and 
optimizing the caring power of the 


A sustainable and vibrant community 
where residents enjoy an enriching 
quality of life, economic opportunities, 
and self-sufficiency, and are secure 
knowing a network of human service 
agencies is ready to assist them if needed.


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Hello from Evelina:

It’s an exciting era for the United Way of Steele County:  A time when we’re resolutely moving forward toward a results-based, change-focused model of program funding and community collaboration that still incorporates the traditional values that have earned the trust and support of community members and local businesses for decades.


United Way is the premiere charitable organization in the Steele County area for one simple yet compelling reason:  We change lives in our community through a volunteer-led effort to assess our County’s most pressing health and human service needs and invest donor dollars in programs that deliver results.  We’re fiercely committed to rigorous evaluation of funding requests, high standards of professionalism, and low administrative costs.


The United Way of Steele County offers a unique opportunity for all of us to join together in a powerful effort to improve the lives of the Steele County residents.  We invite you to accompany us on our journey to transform lives in our community.

Click here to view our Community Needs Assessment.

Prepared in April 2014 by Rainbow Research.

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