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Our Work:

Increase affordable housing options in Steele County: Due to material cost increases, labor shortages, and corporate investors, affordable housing is unattainable for many working families.  The American Dream has slowly eroded from owning a home to just hoping for shelter that doesn’t cost half of a household’s monthly income.  In order to meet community housing needs, a focused, intentional approach must be taken to ensure that all members of our community can find safe, secure and affordable housing.

Why This Is Important:

Over 500 people are homeless in Steele County on any given night, including small children and families. Some live-in abject poverty and abusive relationships, while others live in their cars or might be fortunate enough to have temporary housing with friends, family or in shelters. Homelessness is often hidden, but it is still there. Finding affordable housing for these families and individuals continues to be a challenge for many of the social service agencies within Steele County.

Our Impact:

Due to this significant need, the United Way of Steele County partnered with a group of community partners to form the Steele County Housing Coalition.  The Coalition is focused on identifying housing barriers and developing strategies to provide more housing for individuals below the median income level. 

Over the past two years, the Steele County Housing Coalition been meeting monthly expand housing and community development opportunity for those most impacted by economic and racial disparities by leading collaborative work to promote systems change and grow equitable development capacity.

Steele County Housing Coalition

Community Partners

Purpose, Process, & Objectives


Steele County Housing Needs Assessment 2021

Resources - Emergency Housing Guide

2022 Housing Summit - Steele County Housing Coalition

On February 8th, 2022, the Steele County Area Housing Coalition hosted the 2022 Housing Summit to start a shared dialog about housing and discuss their involvement in the Minnesota Housing Partnership’s Housing Institute 2020-2021.  The Coalition presented their community findings and recommendations to meet affordable housing needs by 2025.  

The 2022 Housing Summit agenda include the following:

  • Opening remarks from MN Housing Deputy Commissioner, Rachel Robinson
  • Steele County Housing Coalition 2021 Assessment Presentation
  • Large group polling exercise
  • Breakout Group Feedback

Attendees listened to the State of the State of Housing from the John Patterson, Director of Planning, Research and Evaluation at MN Housing and participated in an online polling activity as well as breakout groups.  A Zoom recording of the Summit and results from the polling and breakout group questions can be found below.

2022 Housing Summit Flyer

Housing Summit Zoom Recording  (Passcode: C$Z23H9a)

Housing Summit Polling Questions & Results

Housing Summit Breakout Group Feedback

2024 (Thursday, June 13) Landlord Summit Registration

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