Our Initiatives

Our Work:

United Way advances the common good by creating opportunities for a better quality of life for all residents of Steele County. Our vision is a sustainable and vibrant community where residents enjoy an enriching quality of life, economic opportunities, self-sufficiency, and are secure knowing a network of human service agencies is ready to assist them if needed.

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Our Initiatives:

Why this is important:

United Way transforms lives by ensuring that everyone in our community has access to the health, education, and financial stability resources they need to lead happy, healthy, and enriching lives. By addressing these interconnected areas, United Way creates a holistic impact that addresses root causes and promotes long-term solutions.

Our Impact:

We engage the people, organizations, and businesses from across the community that bring the passion, expertise, and resources to get things done. We have deep connections with local nonprofits, businesses, and government agencies, providing us opportunities to create lasting change. We use a comprehensive approach in addressing social issues in Steele County. We utilize a multi-faceted strategy and create and fund initiatives based in health, education, and financial stability.