Legal Kiosk

United Way of Steele County has partnered with Southern MN Regional Legal Services (SMRLS) to provide a valuable resource to our community - the Legal Kiosk.

What is the Legal Kiosk?

The Legal Kiosk is a public-facing self service terminal that will serve as a community access point to civil justice.  These kiosks will connect users to legal information, self-help services, and statewide legal aid.

Legal kiosks are computers located across the state of Minnesota that provide access to legal aid services to individuals without access to wifi or technology. These Legal Kiosks are stationed in a variety of community locations offering the public the ability to apply for civil legal aid services, access legal resources, and, in some cases, attend online meetings and remote court hearings in privacy.

Anyone can use this kiosk! You can use it to find out if you have any legal needs, access information and services, or contact a legal aid provider.

Great news! The Legal Kiosk has been moved to a more accessible location at the United Way of Steele County.

No appointment necessary! The kiosk is located in the hallway lobby (behind a privacy curtain) and available anytime during office hours.