Our Outcomes

Family Stability

Our Outcomes

1. Community members can meet their basic needs.

2. Adults have the essential educational and vocational skills to be responsible, successful employees.

3. Adults have the necessary relationship skills and social support to be responsible, successful parents.

4. Community members of diverse abilities, ages, national origins and races overcome barriers to employment, independent living, social opportunities and civic engagement.

5. Community members live, learn, work and play in safe, empowering environments free of emotional, physical, and sexual abuse.

6. Children & youth have the skills and support needed to develop positive, healthy relationships, excel at learning, avoid drugs and alcohol, prepare for the workforce and contribute to their community.

7. Community members reduce health risks by employing prevention strategies and engaging in wellness activities.

8. Community members avoid or overcome chemical dependency.

9. Community members have access to affordable vision, dental and medical care, prescription drugs and mental health services.

10. Community members overcome the impact of natural disasters and emotional, financial and legal crises.