Ride United

Overcoming Transportation Barriers to Health, Financial Stability, and Education

Closing transportation gaps caused by poverty, systemic racism, and other inequities is critical for securing employment, accessing medical care, obtaining healthy food, and dealing with emergencies and crises.

Ride United was established in 2018 to support United Ways and 211 in reducing transportation barriers to help people in need across the United States. 

We believe that:

  • Getting food and essential items (including pet food, hygiene items, and emergency preparation kits) should be as easy as possible, regardless of one’s circumstances. 
  • Delivering essentials to those in need is not only life-changing, it can change the way we help our neighbors.

Our Impact

In April of 2020, when COVID-19 limited physical access to healthy food services, United Way and 211 partnered with DoorDash to launch Ride United Last Mile Delivery, which powers the delivery of charitable food and essential items. Although this program was catalyzed by the pandemic, it’s an innovative approach to long-standing food access issues in the United States. So far, it has served people in over 455 cities and towns and has provided more than 718,000 free deliveries of an estimated 9.1 million meals.

Our Call To Action

If your organization needs help getting essential food and supplies to people in Owatonna, please contact our office to get set up.