Building healthier communities in Steele County:

United Way is working to build stronger communities by promoting increased physical activity along with healthier lifestyle choices. We're focused on increasing access to healthier foods, quality health care, and better opportunity for physical activity.

This is important:

The foundation for a healthy way of life is in our communities & enviornments we all work, live, and play in.  When people have access to healthy food, quality medical care and access to better quality parks & playgrounds - they are more likely to succeed in all areas of life. United Way is creating solutions that will improve Steele County's quality of life.

When members of our communities are able to have access to healthy food, quality medical insurance & better access to increased physical activities: 

  • They and their children are more likely to enjoy healthier lives and better succeed in school & at the workplace.


2019 United Way of Steele County - Partnering Programs:

  • Child Abuse Prevention & Domestic Violence Prevention Programs (Crisis Resource Center)
  • Supervised Visitation & In-Home Mentoring Programs (Exchange Club Center for Family Unity)
  • Free Clinic Medical & Dental (Free Clinic of Steele County)
  • Neighbor to Neighbor Program (Healthy Seniors of Steele County)
  • Clinical Dental & Oral Health Education Programs (Let's Smile, Inc.)
  • Sage Enrichment Center (South Central Human Relations Center)
  • Senior Nutrition (SEMCAC)