How We Help

How We Help

United Way is dedicated to improving lives in Steele County, so we look at the big picture; not just one issue. We work two ways for maximum impact by funding over 30 direct services programs being serviced by 20 area partner agencies as well as partnering on initiatives. Not only do we help to meet immediate needs of those who need our help, but we also focus on longer-term solutions. Most importantly, money raised in Steele County stays in Steele County.

our work educationBuilding a Foundation for Education 

A child's education is the cornerstone of their future. Future success in life, work, and in school. The path to success starts with early intervention. With a high quality education, our children graduate better prepared for college and eventually their chosen career path


Improving Health & Well-Being our work health

United Way is dedicated to building a stronger Steele County. Good health is an essential component for long-term individual success and a strong community. It's no secret - better health leads to increased success at any stage in life. Steele County will thrive when everyone in our communities have access to mental and physical health resources.                                                                                                     

our work incomeAchieving Financial Stability 

Our community benefits when more individuals and families are able to support themselves and sustain long-term financial stability.