Increase financial stability in Steele County:

Individuals & families in our communities want increased financial stability & the opportunity to better support themselves.  This can be accomplished by having decent paying jobs, increased financial knowledge, saving money, and building credit & gaining assets while also decreasing one's debt.

This is important:

Most of the jobs in our area require post-secondary education for those who wish to earn living wages.  Meaning less dependency of government support or low-income support programs.

When members of our communities are able to find decent living wage jobs, better provide for their families & save money for the future: 

  • They and their children are more likely to enjoy healthier lives and succeed in school & at the workplace.  
  • Financial stability for both individuals & families in Steele County will lead to a more competative local workforce and stronger communities!


2019 United Way of Steele County - Partnering Programs:

  • Disabled Senior Activities & Preschool Transportation Program (Cedar Valley Services)
  • Children's Healthcare (Children's Remedial Fund)
  • Family Law & Government Benefits Programs (Southern MN Regional Legal Services)
  • Free Store & Boots to Work Program (Steele County Clothesline)
  • Groceries & Mobile Food Shelf (Steele County Food Shelf)
  • Eviction Prevention & Transitional Housing Programs (Transitional Housing of Steele County)
  • Career Counselor (Workforce Development, Inc.)